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How to shutdown Windows PC in many ways?

Shutting down a Windows PC is a very simple task, but in this tutorial we’ll make a twist. With this you can shutdown your PC in many different ways.

1st – Click Start button (for different start buttons please see below image), it will shutdown the computer.

2nd – Pressing the power button of your computer will shutdown easily. Press one time it will shutdown properly and pressing the power button for a long time will automatically shutdown just fast as it can.

3rd – Press Alt + F4 keys, with this image below will appear, you can choose from Restart, Shutdown, Lock, & Switch User.

4th – Open Command Prompt or cmd and type: “shutdown /s” without the quotes. There are many kinds of commands you can do with the cmd like “shutdown /s /f /t 0“, “shutdown /r /f /t 0“, etc.

5th – Press windows key + r or open the run then type “slidetoshutdown.exe“. Once you pressed OK button the second image below will happen to your computer. You can slide it or if you don’t want to test in you can press Esc to skip the shutdown option.


6th – This works on Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 only, press Windows Key + X. This is just a Quick Menu for new age of windows.

7th – By pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Del” image below will appear and you can press button to shutdown.

8th – Creating a shortcut to desktop is the old trick to joke your friend, the shortcut and changed the icon look like a game icon or browser icon. So if someone uses your computer and clicked that shortcut it’ll completely shutdown the computer. This is good for tripping your friend or relatives.

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So there you have it guys! I know some of you know this and some are not, you can share it to your friends if you find this tutorial cool. Kindly leave a comment if you have a other suggestion or other tricks. Thank you.

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