How to recover deleted files

Different storage devices

In modern days we all have a Flash drive, Micro SD cards, Hard drives, etc. That are use in storing a files like Mp3, videos, pictures, and a lot more. What if your files that are saved in that storage corrupts or should we say deleted by others intentionally or by accident?

And you tried all the software/applications that google brought to you just to recovered it and failed. What if I tell you that there's a software/applications that can help you?

In this tutorial I'll be teaching you on how to recover your files and at the same time giving you the softwares that you'll gonna use. So let's get started.

This is for windows Operating System only.

Things you need:

Drive: Pendrive/Flashdrive (In this tutorial I'll use my pendrives)

Software/Application: EaseUS and Data Rescue PC3 (Download link below)

Patience (You'll be needing this to recover your files)

When you're all complete with the things you need proceed to the recovery process. By following these steps.

  1. Insert your Pendrive/Flashdrive to the computer/laptop.
  2. Run the EaseUS appliation.
  3. Select drive. (In selecting the Drive find your Pendrive/Flashdrive name. For example here in my tutorial, my drive name is E: because Drive C: is my Operating System and D: is for my backup storage.
  4. Click "Scan". Once you're done with the selection of the drives.
  5. Patience. Wait for it to complete the retrieval process to complete, it might take a while depending on the files that you are retrieving and the capacity of the drive.
  6. Save. Once done with the retrieval process kindly save the files that you had recovered and now you're done!

That's difficult but with my guide you can completely restore your files. There are a lot of software/applications on the net that can recover your files. If the EaseUS couldn't recover all of your files watch the video tutorial, I added two of my tested software/application there.

Download links:

EaseUS - Click here!

recover files






Data Rescue PC3 - Click here!

retrieved files







Memory Card Recovery - Click here!

Hope this tutorials resolves your problem. Kindly leave some comments below if you have any problem with the guide or just leave a thank you note. Share your experience using this software/application. Thank you.

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  1. Erwin De Jesus

    Hello Paparak! Maraming salamat sa pag tuturo mo at narecover ko yung mga files ko sa Camera ko!
    pinagamit ko din ito sa kapatid ko yung nasira nyang microSD card at ayun GUMANA!! ^_^
    Thank you talaga share ko to sa mga kaibigan ko!
    Ayos yung video mo parak! looking forward sa iba pang mga tuts mo!

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