Google Lens 101

Google Lens was one of the major announcements of the Google I/O 2017 keynote, this is an important part of Google’s Pixel 2 phone. For a company with a long history in visual search, Lens is the latest step in an ongoing journey around computer vision. This can be traced back to Google Image Search years ago, which is a close relative to the AI powering Google Photos’ object and scene recognition.

For the moment, Google is only talking about a “preview” of Lens shipping on Pixel 2 phones. But as a part of Google Assistant, Google Lens has the potential to reach every Android phone and tablet on MM (Marshmallow) and up. Letting these devices recognize an objects, landmark and other details with a help from your location data. For example, You might able to identify a certain flower visually, then bring up info on it from Google’s knowledge graph. Or it could scan a restaurant in the real world, and bring up reviews and photos from Google Maps. Or it could identify a phone number o a flier, or an SSID and password on the back of a Wi-Fi router.

Whether it’s through a camera interface in Google Assistant, or after the fact through Google Photos, the strength of Lens — if it works as advertised — will be the accurate identification and the ability to provide useful info based on that. It’s absolutely natural, then, that Lens should come baked into the camera app (and Photos itself) on the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Source: Android Central

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