DYI Mining Rack/Case

Hello guys! Yesterday I made a blog about building a mining rig. Now the mining rack/case will be our first topic today. As I making a tutorial on how to start mining after you built (Building a mining rig) and make a DIY mining rack/case.

For this topic I will not go deep step by step because there’s a lot off video on Youtube you can search on that. I’ll just show you some pictures. For making a mining rack/case you should consider the durability of the case since it will be loaded of GPUs and other components. I found something on Youtube that can help you make it.



Open air Frame mining rack tutorials

How to build mining rack

BTT building mining rig

So let’s start.

Breakdown of parts:

For the Angled Aluminum
First 8ft (96″); 1 inch of waste
4x 14 1/2 cuts (58″ use)
4x 9 1/4 cuts (37″ use)

Second 8ft (96″); no waste
5x 19 1/5 cuts

And for the wood:

5 cuts of 14 1/2 (72.5″ use)
1 cut of 19 1/2 (19.2″ use)

First get a 2pcs 58″ Angled Aluminum and 4pcs of wood put them all together and assembled like this.

Next, get the 37″ Alum and put it this way.

Next, put the 2pcs 58″ and other alum to cover the top.

Lastly, put a pads on the bottom of the rack/case.

The pads purpose is to lessen the vibration and the noise of the rack within the floor. The fans and the GPUs fans vibrates when it’s turned on 24/7, and it helps to prevent the movement of your rig. For the next step is setting up your mining rig, set up of the components and start mining. For the tutorials on how to set up you can do a research to Youtube, you may found some cool tuts. But probably I’ll do that too. LOL!

So there you have it guys. Post, like, share, comment, and subscribe guys.

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