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Already know some Computer tricks and tips that runs in Windows operating system? If not, here are some tricks and tips that you should know. This tutorials is for all class (Beginner/Newbie, Middle class (know basics in computer), & Pro (Knows all stuffs in computer etc..). Kindly see below tips & tricks for your reference.





1. Convert youtube videos to gif file by adding gif before youtube in the url


2. Hotkeys:
To Pause a video – Press K
To skip 10 secs back and forward: Press J n L

3. Repeat

Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to repeat the video automatically

4. Video as MP3

Just Replace Youtube to “yout ” in the url.

5. Start youtube video in specific time
Do not have the time to drag through the video to get to a particular point? You can always get to a particular point in a video by adding #t= followed by the time instance to the end of your YouTube video URL. For eg, #t=1m5s. Take the following screenshot as a reference.

6. Repeat Youtube videos
erase everything infront of youtube and put repeat after youtube and hit enter.





1. Searching for TV series direct links
Type on google search bar – “index of/ Arrow season 1”

2. Searching for MP3 direct links
Type on google search bar – “intitle:index.of/mp3 Name of the song”

3. Use Google chrome browser as a notepad
Copy and paste to the url bar – “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>”
Note: You can also bookmark this to use it anytime.

4. Search any Live camera around the world
Copy any of the text below and paste it to the address bar:
inurl:/view.shtml* intitle:”Live View / — AXIS

5. Check if a website is safe to visit or not.
Copy the link –
and paste in the url bar change the website you want to access.

6. Chrome player
Play MP3 or videos directly to your Chrome browser.
Drag the files in Chrome window.

7. Delete your account identity permanently from Famous sites.
access –

8. Check your username or email address is part of Hacking Leaks

9. Lost your phone? Ring your phone, Erase or lock your Android Phone remotely.

10. Want to play? Play Atari Breakout

Play Atari

Other games on Browser? Search words below.

do a barrel roll
Google in 1998
zerg rush
blink html

11. Google Task Manager
Press Shift + Esc to start builtin Task Manager





1. God mode
Create a folder and paste the code below as a Name and you can access everything like a God


2. Calculator for EMI Calculation and more.

3. Need a screen recorder? Free?
Type “psr” in run and start recording in windows it’s free.

4. Type any ASCII Charater

And so on. There are lots and lots of tricks than this post, you can also post below on the comment if you know something that you think that are important to know or everyone should know.

And there you have it guys. If you like this post kindly share to others put comment below. Thank you.

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