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Unhide your files from any storage

Have you heard the virus called "Shortcut Virus"? These type off
virus is scattered all over the world by using a Pen/Flashdrive
inserted to one infected computer to another. There are times
when certain folders or files got missing but in other cases the
files are simple hidden, it happens everytime when you plugged it
again to other computer, it will create a shortcut files and when
you click, it will open another window and the virus are
scattered to a clean computer. This might be quite troublesome,
especially if you're not sure how to make those files can be
visible again.

How to recover deleted files

Different storage devices

In modern days we all have a Flash drive, Micro SD cards, Hard drives, etc. That are use in storing a files like Mp3, videos, pictures, and a lot more. What if your files that are saved in that storage corrupts or should we say deleted by others intentionally or by accident?