Building a Mining rig

Building a mining rig is like planting a tree of money. The rig will run and will give a bend to create a wealth in digital currency while watching and reaping the rewards. It takes a lil’ tech brain to built it but anyone can learn how to build it.

Many of you have a knowledge in Bitcoin so I’ll be not teaching it to you to this thread (check my first thread about Bitcoin – What is it?).

The guide will teach you step by step to build a mining rig. Ready your wallet, it will cost you a lot of damage! LOL!

Mining rig is made up of same components that found in a personal/desktop computer. There are similar but there are few differences also.
For example, In normal desktop computer you have an equal components (Hard disk, RAM or Memory Card, Graphics Card/GPU). In mining rig you have a higher clocked Processor, loads of RAM, and many GPUs and SSDs.

With that, mining rig should have the lowest clocked CPU, minimum RAM, 6 to 8 GPUs and a very basic Hard disk.


Graphic Cards (GPUs) for mining
When it comes on buying GPUs, you want to select the best brand for your satisfactions. You’re looking for something with a high hash rate, low cost, and low power usage. You can start with as liltle as 3 GPUs to 8 GPUs win a one rig. Normally you’ll see to other rig owners they have 8 GPUs to 12 GPUs in a single rig and its incredibly hard to make it stable.

If you are not sure on what GPUs to buy, kindly ask yourself if what do you want to mine, which is profitable as of the moment, what if I hold the coin until such time it increase the value. Think before you buy!
Do some research before you jump in to mining. Go to some forums like bitcointalk or FB groups.


You can’t put 6 to 8 GPUs and other components in a normal computer case.

There are two options:
First is to build a custom metal or wooden mining rack. Search on youtube on how to build it. Like this.



Second is to buy locally or shop online.

Power Supply Unit

Normal/Desktop computer an have a 300 to 500 watts. But when you built a mining rig you are powering 6 to 8 GPUs, you want to make sure you have enough power.
The ideal is 1000 watts and up. Check for better efficiency the +80 Gold, Platinum or Titanium full modular Power Supply. I recommend the following power supply:

Server PSU
HP or Dell

Motherboard & CPU Combo

For mining, there are motherboards designed for mining and I recommend it but you can use your old motherboard but it’s limited on GPUs.
Find this kind of motherboards that suits for your build.

LGA 1151 Motherboard/CPU Setup
Biostar TB250 BTC
Asus Prime Z270-P
Asus Prime Z270-P
Gigabyte H110-D30A

Intel Celeron G3930
Intel Pentium G4400

LGA 1150 Motherboard/CPU Setup

Biostar TB85 Motherboard
Asrock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard
ASRock ATX H97 Anniversary Edition Motherboard
ASRock ATX Z97 Anniversary Edition Motherboard
MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK Motherboard

Intel Celeron G1840 Processor
Intel Celeron G3260 Processor








Single 4GB DDR3/4 may do (some of the new motherboard RAM’s DDR4 please take note of that).

Powered Riser Cables

To mount the GPUs within the case, you’ll need risers PCI cables to extend the PCI-e connection from the motherboard. If you are building 6 – 8 GPUs in a single mining rig you need 15 pieces of risers for spare.
There are many different version of risers just use version 7 or 8.

SSD Hard Drive

Basic 60GB SSD or 120GB SSD for installing the OS and running your mining software.









You’ll need a monitor, mouse/keyboard to configure all the software and mining settings and Watt Meter for your electricity usage monitor.


You’ll need a CPU Fans for the ventilation off the heat of your GPUs.

Operating System

There are 3 options, First if you want to use Linux, you use Eth OS is a 64-bit Linux OS that mines Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and other GPU-minable coins. If you want Windows, it’s very possible. Use Windows 10 and update it to the latest update, you’ll need mining software.

Building Mining Rig

This is easy to the one’s who setup a computer before or have a knowledge on building a computer from scratch. If not, check out videos from Youtube that will guilde you on how to put it all together.

Now that you have all the information that you need to build a mining rig, start buying the need parts and when it’s complete try to built it. Use Google and Youtube for the instructions on builting it. Keep the air flow cause the rig will run at 100% 24hours by 7days, will produce tons of heat.
On the next tutorial I will be teaching you on how to start on mining.

If you like the tutorial please like and share post some comments or suggestions. Any correction on my post will do and you can ask anything regarding on this tutorials. All the pictures and videos are came from social media site and google.

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