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Block sites without using any software

block sites using file host

Internet has tons of websites that has turned into digital. But not all those website are helpful to everyone. Suppose that you want to stop your relatives to access a very particular website on the web. Stopping them verbally doesn't stop your relative access that site. If you want to or need to block certain website manually by changing settings on your system.

This tutorial is going to help you step by step, you just need to follow in order to blocked it.


Step 1. Press "windows key" followed by the letter "r" and copy the path on the image below.

block sites using file host"C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc"

Step 2. Click the file name "hosts", right click and open with it using notepad.

block sites using file host

Quick Fact:

A hosts file is a list of computer names and their 
associated IP addresses. Hosts files are used by 
Microsoft Windows and other network operating systems 
as an optional means to redirect TCP/IP traffic in 
special circumstances. These files are not required 
to use ordinary network and Internet applications.

The two common reasons for an individual to set up 
a hosts file are:

1. To prevent access to undesirable Web servers 
(such as those offering tacky advertising or 
inappropriate content)
2. To set up private, easy-to-remember "shortcut"
 names for servers on a local network

In Windows, the hosts file is a simple text file 
typically named hosts (or occasionally, hosts.sam).
 It is normally located in the 
system32\drivers\etc folder. Linux, 
Mac and other operating systems each follow a 
similar approach but with different conventions 
for naming and locating the hosts file.

Step 3. Once it opens, go down, find the end word "localhost". Press Enter, type the "" (replace it with the website url that you want to be blocked on your system). Refer to the image below.

block sites using file host

Step 4. Save it. If it says that "It can't be save" go back to the etc folder where you find "hosts", right click on "hosts" go to properties, click security tab, change your user privilege to full and allow all the "Permissions for Administrators" by clicking Edit.

block sites using file host

After the tutorial above checked the site that you have been blocked by system. Kindly see image below for my example.

block sites using file host

Now that you know how to blocked a site, you can add websites as much as you want. Every now and then the sites that you have put on the hosts file are not accessible only in you computer or laptop. So all your relative who might use your computer or laptop can't access that site anymore.

So there you have it guys! If you like this post kindly share to others and put comments below. Thank you.

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